from by Nick Di Gaetano



We used to have an alley in back of our house and we would have parties there and it was pretty great.


We make too much noise in the backyard
We can't afford to drink in the bars
So we open the doors and we spill on the streets
With our drinks and look up at the stars

In the night
Where we belong

The smell of the sawdust and dirt floors
Masks all the drinks that I've spilled
The bartender's friendly and the patrons are saints
And everyone's glass is half filled

In the night
Where we belong

I wanna go
Where everybody knows my name

There's Woody and Norm
And Sam loves Diane
Roseanne and Dan
Barney and Lenny and Karl
There's no Ponda Baba's
Or Doctor Evazan's
The hits are all played by the Cantina Band
And Solo shoots first
While Worf drinks alone
Data learns human from Geordie LaForge
Belloc is there
He gives me a nod:
"The Ark is a radio for speaking to God"
All of my friends
Kisses and hugs
We drink all the beers
And we smoke all the drugs

In the night
Where everybody knows my name...


from MAKESNDOES, released January 22, 2016




Nick Di Gaetano Toronto, Ontario

Nick is a songwriter, actor/improviser, comedian, writer and puppeteer from Ottawa, ON. His musical work ranges from punk/hardcore to theatre scores to folky-synthy jams about science fiction. He is a a resident artist at the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre (Toronto,ON) and is the Co-Artistic Director of Mi Casa Theatre (Ottawa, ON). He lives in Toronto, ON with his beautiful wife and their cat Poo Poo. ... more

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